Foresight GC Quad


The GC Quad is the industry leading launch monitor as used on all tours and TV.  Use this to learn all aspects of ball flight and golf club impact position.

FSX Analysis Software


FSX is an easy to see and use interface that takes data and uses it to show ball flights and positions

Video Analysis Software


Using iPad technology we analyse your swing and can track and compare it over time.

Hole More Putts Analysis


This is a new ground breaking piece of equipment that is a launch monitor for putting.  We can now analyse and compare your stroke for coaching and putter fitting.

Power Tee System


Our Power Tees mean you can keep the same set up and posture between shots as the ball automatically reloads.

Foresight GC2 Launch Monitor


GC2 is a great launch monitor that gives instant ball flight data for coaching and fitting.